Honor Seiki VL 66 Vertical Lathe – 100 C/CM

The Honor Seiki represents a new and innovative Heavy Duty vertical lathe.
Vertical Lathes are the main products of Honor Seiki and Honor Seiki can do customized designs to meet the user’s requirements such as special jigs & fixtures, and robotic loading & unloading to increase the production volume and quality.
Stability, efficiency and rigidity are some of the fundamental concepts are of Honor Seiki vertical lathe.

  • Swing Diameter 850mm - 1200mm
  • Turning Diameter 850mm - 1200mm
  • Distance From Ram To Table 925mm - 1100mm
  • Turning Height 650mm - 800mm
  • Optional Live Spindle
  • Hydraulic Three jaw chuck
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Coolant System & Bed Wash Down System
  • Chip Coveyor

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