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5 Ways a Small Lathe Can Benefit Your Business

5 Ways a Small Lathe Can Benefit Your Business

16 Jul 21

There is a reason that lathes are known as the ‘mother of machining tools’. Lathes can shape, drill, sand, cut and turn both metal and wooden materials! The versatility of a lathe is hard to beat, which makes the machine a staple for both metal and woodworkers industrially. Any lathe is guaranteed to be useful for a manufacturing business, but how can you be certain that a machine is worth the financial investment?

Our advice is to start small! Don’t run before you can walk, and get to grips with basic CNC lathe models initially. Here are 5 ways a small lathe can benefit your business, including why they’re worth the cost!


Lathes Perform With Precision

Even manual lathes give you the control to manipulate the shape of your material precisely. Any drilling or turning performed by hand is subject to natural shakes, which can create imperfections! For truly universal products with total consistency, a lathe machine in your workplace will regulate all work with your material. Long gone are the days where you accidentally drill a hole that’s too big and end up scrapping your work. With one blueprint to follow, your lathe guarantees a breezy manufacturing process.


Lathes Save Money Long-Term

With a quicker turnaround and more precise manufacturing, your lathe machine will save you money in the long run. While lathes seem a costly investment initially, your lathe will eventually pay itself off! Any mistakes you would have had to scrap by hand are erased, and you could quicken your production rate multiple times over. The more effective your production, the more reliable your business will prove and the more profit you’ll see! Once you invest in a lathe machine, you begin your tool collection. As your business grows, your collection of machinery will expand to keep up with demand.


Lathes Work With Most Materials

Metalworking lathes can handle both woodwork and metalwork! Woodworking lathes won’t likely be durable enough to handle metal, too, so only select a woodworking lathe if you’re sure metal won’t be part of your manufacturing process. With your metalworking lathe, you’ve got an incredible base machine to work with all of your material! You don’t need separate models of CNC milling machine for all your manufacturing steps. A lathe will prove multipurpose and an excellent place to start fulfilling your production with machinery.


Lathes Can Make Anything

The versatility of a lathe machine guarantees that it’ll be useful in creating any product. Whether you’re fashioning wooden bangles, manufacturing pens or creating flowerpots, your lathe machine can keep up. On an industrial scale, lathes are used in the process of creating engines and aircraft too! No matter where your business takes you, your lathe machine will promise to assist. A reliable model could help you to make a wide range of products for years.


Lathes Come In All Sizes

When you decide that your small lathe has been an excellent investment for your business, you’ll be pleased to know that the machine comes in a massive range of sizes! Size can be the difference between handling bulkier material or offering more intricate designs. Smaller lathes are better suited to detail, whereas larger models have the strength and durability to work through the most robust metal sheets. As your company expands, your machinery collection will grow alongside it, and a small lathe is a perfect place to start.


The Conclusion

In reality, there isn’t a smarter decision you can make than to invest in a lathe machine for your business. Whether you decide a CNC model is worthwhile from the get-go, or you begin with a manual machine, your lathe machine will massively ease your manufacturing. Enjoy extra precision with your products, and quicker production times! If you’re ready to make the most of a lathe for yourself, contact us at DTS UK.

Article written by: Mike

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